Real Change & Real Leadership in City Hall

Affordable Housing

Senator Ford will work to build and allocate more housing units for affordable housing needs. Through public-private funding and development projects, the needs of our community can be met quickly.

Public Safety & Reform

Safe neighborhoods are a top priority for Senator Ford. The ability to go to and from work, school, and the grocery store shouldn’t be jeopardized by violent crimes. Working to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community is key to keeping families and communities safe and successful.

Transportation & Infrastructure

The ability to get around the city of Charlotte is not a right reserved for the upper class. One of the first steps to tackling inequality is transportation— getting food from grocery stores, to and from work, and access to public libraries and parks. By investing in high-quality and accessible transportation, Charlotte can help reduce barriers to employment, nutrition, and public resources.

Jobs & the Economy

The UC Berkeley/Harvard study that revealed Charlotte was the worst city for African-Americans to rise from poverty was a punch to the gut for citizens who trusted city leadership when they promised to focus on issues that affect ALL Charlotteans.   Economic mobility is the core of the American Dream. Hard working families and millennials shouldn’t see their income drained by high rents.  Instead, they should see their incomes steadily increase while the city experiences unprecedented growth.

Future Charlotte

“Charlotte has a wealth of innovators, trendsetters, inventors, artists, skill-trepreneurs and risk takers—all hungry for the chance to create their own path to small business success,” said Ford.  “We can both solve our economic mobility problem and make Charlotte the next great city for entrepreneurs and business ownership in the 21st Century.  But it only happens with a bold vision to chart the course and real leadership to execute the plan.”


No parent should have to send their children to failing public schools.  A thoughtful, pragmatic relationship between the community, city, and Charlotte public schools is needed to develop a bold new education plan and real leadership is needed at the top to execute the vision.