Legislative Record

SB 19/S.L. 2016-86Uniform Recording Fees-Recording Fees

This Act adjusts the uniform fee for recording deeds of trust with the register of deeds in order to comply with closing disclosure requirements established by the Federal Truth in Lending and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Acts.  (Co-Sponsored)

Bill became law on 6-30-16


SB 37/S.L. 2015-296
Waive Tuition/
Fallen Officer was 

This Law provides a tuition waiver for survivors of law enforcement officers, firefighters, or rescue squad workers, and certain others, and also applies to the children whose legal guardians or legal custodians are law enforcement officers, firefighters, or rescue squad workers.  (Co-Sponsored)

Bill became law on 10-30-15

 SB 43/ S.L. 2015-115

Commercial Drivers License

Qualification Standards

This Law extends the period immediately preceding the date of application from 90 days to one year in which a military veteran seeking a waiver of the commercial skills test must have been regularly employed and to provide a military veteran with an additional method of satisfying the certification requirement in G.S. 20-37.13.  (Co-Sponsored)

Bill became law on 6-24-15


SB 372/S.L. 2015-11

Renewable Energy

Safe Harbor

This Act provides a safe harbor for renewable energy projects that are substantially completed by January 1, 2016, by extending the tax credit for renewable energy property one year for such projects.

Bill became law on 4-30-15


SB 423/S.L. 2015-135

Foster Care Family


This Act aligns state law with federal law providing for the support of healthy development of youth in foster care through implementation of parent standard for decisions made by a foster parent or designated official for a child care institution; revises laws pertaining to juvenile placement under the juvenile code;  provides liability insurance for foster parents, to reduce barriers to obtain a drivers license for foster children; and clarifies that foster parents do not violate financial responsibility requirements by allowing foster children with their own insurance coverage to operate a vehicle owned by the foster parent; and requires the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to study a Medicaid waiver for children with serious emotional disturbance.  (Co-Sponsored)

Bill became law on 7-02-15

(Parts 2 and 4 became law on 10-01-15)

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Community Service Record

Council for Children’s Rights– Senator Ford served on the Board of the Council of Children’s Rights from 2006 to 2007; he was also a Child Custody Advocate for two years, prior to being on the board. The Council for Children’s Rights improves the lives and futures of children in Mecklenburg County through legal representation, individual advocacy, and by addressing community-wide issues through research and policy work.

The Custody Advocacy Program, of which Senator Ford was a team member, “accepts court appointments to represent any child residing in Mecklenburg County whose parents are engaged in a highly-contested custody case. These cases involve high conflicts, sexual or physical abuse allegations, substance abuse allegations, or psychological disorders; often some of the most difficult cases to resolve.” (http://www.cfcrights.org/childrens-legal-services/custody-advocacy/)

Stratford-Richardson YMCA– Senator Ford served on the Board of Advisors for the Stratford-Richardson YMCA. Located on West Boulevard, Stratford-Richardson YMCA provides after-school programs and health & wellness programs to a community who did not have services before its inception in 2007.

Charlotte Housing Authority- Senator Ford served on the Board of the Charlotte Housing Authority from 2008 to 2014 and Chaired the Board between 2009 to 2011. The accomplishments of the Charlotte Housing Authority under his service are as follows:

2009-2010: Awarded first 35 VASH Vouchers (HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) voucher program

2010: Awarded a $20.9 M HOPE VI grant for the redevelopment of its Boulevard Homes property (creation of an education-centered mixed-income community)

Retrofit of Parktowne Terrace

Renovation of Strawn Tower

Created the Center for Employment Services

Renovation of Charlottetown Terrace

Charlottetown Terrace achieved U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)LEED® Gold 2.2 certification

Multi-Housing News 2012 “Community of the Year.”

Multifamily Executive 2012 “Green Project of the Year.”

Multifamily Executive 2012 “Apartment Renovation of the Year.”

USGBC Charlotte Region Chapter – 2012 Sustainable Business Awards: “Non-Profit Building & Design Award.”

Consolidated its Administrative Offices, Client Services, Housing Choice Voucher and Operations Departments into one main office located at 400 East Boulevard (2012).

Created partnership with the Salvation Army- Supportive Housing Innovation Project (60 units)

Formed a partnership to provide a subsidy to support homeless individuals and families: Moore Place (34), McCreesh (63).

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